Head Hunter

Thursday 21st June 2018


Ad Details

If you’ve got a good eye for skill, we’ve got the perfect recruitment job for you!

Your Head Hunter role would involve finding talented people that would be the best to work in our company. Ideal if you've got a knack for researching, Head Hunters have to use this vital skill to understand what the company is looking for and find the right candidates who match our requirements.

So, what will I actually be doing?

On a daily basis you'd be talking with a number of people that you feel would be right for the role. If the candidates have huge experience, your work would involve negotiating fees and salaries between the company and the individual, and interviewing the top candidates. You'd be dealing with permanent work at all levels for one industry sector.

Is there study involved?

  • Academic qualifications won't be necessary to become a Head Hunter in our company, but having HR experience is mandatory;
  • If you were working in a financial sector, then a detailed know