BG28 Digital Safe Box Fingerprint

Monday 2nd July 2018


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Fingerprint Authentication Secure and Unique – Biometric technology ensures genuine authentication. Fingerprint details are unique and never repeated. They are persistent throughout life. Smart Password The safe box can be opened with password too. Emergency Access In case of battery or system failure, the door can be either jump started with an outside battery or opened mechanically. Easy Handle When opening the door, only half of the mechanical force drives the components, insuring a longer product life and making it easier to operate. Automatic Safe Lock Closing the door will automatically trigger the lock bolts. So the door is always locked. Elegant Finish The interior has an elegant cashmere-like finish. Every single details are looked after to offer you a great safe. Panic Alarm: You can be alerted about your safe being stolen or someone being forced to open it. SMS Function: The safe box send information and warning via SMS directly to your mobile phone.